7 shopping tips in China

Hasil gambar untuk cara jitu shopping hemat di china

Traveling to China is sure tourists will not miss shopping opportunities. Bamboo Curtain Country is indeed famous as a center for cheap shopping. But there are special tips for those of you who want to shop there.

Tuesday (09/10/2013) detikTravel with a group of Association of the Indonesia Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) Jakarta visited the market in Yinchuan, Ningxia Province, China. Here are 7 tips that tourists need to know before shopping in China:

  1. Search for items at an outlet or shop

Ranging from bags, wallets, leather belts to electronic items available in many stores in China. Various types of quality are available there. If you want to buy the best quality, you should buy at an outlet or shop.

Avoid buying at impromptu kiosks. Usually, the types of goods sold are low quality, and not a few are fake.

  1. Avoid buying at the night market

The night market does have various types of merchandise that are diverse and unique. But you should not shop there. Most items are sold at low-quality night market stalls. Not even a few are fake.

So if you want to buy goods with genuine famous brands avoid the night market. Choose it in a large market with permanent kiosks and outlets.

  1. Carefully choose

Even if you have bought at an official outlet or shop, you must remain vigilant about the quality of the item purchased. If you buy a leather bag, pay close attention to whether the selected bag is made of genuine bag or imitation.

In addition, also check whether there are defects in the groceries. For those who buy electronic goods, do not forget to test the items whether they can function properly.

  1. Clever bargaining

Never buy without bidding. Generally, the price submitted is first high enough.

“They have to bargain. They sell it very high. Just offer 50-70{4997cd4a7aa6d105114ed32fabb77c8de75d3a457cda1bd7b17b4b7e251bdd3d} straight away, get sure,” said Arin, one of the travelers who routinely goes to China.

  1. Prepare a calculator

If you don’t travel with local people, language can be an obstacle. For that, use a calculator to find out prices and especially to bid.

  1. Include local residents

If you have acquaintances or tour guides for local residents or can speak Mandarin, you should invite them to shop. Ask for help to ask for prices and bargains. This is very helpful.

  1. Don’t stick to one store

Even though the items in the shop that you visit are very attractive but expensive, don’t stare at the store. Get out and look for another store. Who knows there are items that you also want there, or even you can find better items at low prices.

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