Brexit for Fintech and eCommerce: Profitable or Not

Everyone is looking for extra trade even if there’s effective selling at a discount. Does Brexit have profits for fintech and eCommerce? How can you find reliable high-risk merchant services for your business? Just go on reading this article and you’ll know.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK

The international sales of the SMEs in the UK rose by a striking 34{4997cd4a7aa6d105114ed32fabb77c8de75d3a457cda1bd7b17b4b7e251bdd3d} in the last months of 2016. This was three times the increase in the 1st half of the year, because of the exchange rate. Some signs are already indicating that this is releasing pent-up demand. Theoretically, there’re no reasons why UK retailers can’t enjoy benefits by servicing this pent-up demand.

Much of the business that UK financial services run (most obviously the Euro-clearing markets) is based on access to EU markets. Both Brexit and the EU aren’t everything.

In such situation, it’s especially important for business owners in the UK to work only with reputable payment processors. For this, you need to turn to a real payments expert in the UK that can guarantee the best deal for your business.

With a reliable and experienced payments specialist UK, you can enjoy affordable, secure, and advanced merchant services, including high-risk merchant services without challenges. Just apply to a respectable comparison company that offers free consultations, the best rates, fees, as well as the most honest snapshot of the company at the time of writing.

Expecting Profit From Brexit or Not

Nearly 60{4997cd4a7aa6d105114ed32fabb77c8de75d3a457cda1bd7b17b4b7e251bdd3d} of the world’s Eurobonds are traded in London. In fact, Brexit doesn’t completely threaten the trade. The London market for commercial insurance (accounting for £60 billion a year) takes 1/3 of its clients from North America, 1/3 from the UK and Ireland, and 1/3 from the rest of the world, including the EU.

Even if increased costs and uncertainty risk reducing profitability and pose existential threats to some businesses, as Clifford Chance LLP reports, the world hasn’t ended. Clifford Chance is a multinational law firm with headquarters in London.

Brexit has so much been associated with the negatives, that people think there’s a danger that businesses will end up with missed opportunities. All businesses need is to recognize the risks and go on looking for opportunity.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Taylor Cole is a passionate entrepreneur who also enjoys writing, playing guitar, and camping. BestPaymenProviders is UK’s best high-risk merchant services company, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants.

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