Hot Pink Longline Textured Coat

Hola Fashionistas.

I pray you are all doing well, and welcoming all the new changes. Slowly but surely, right? I know I have days where I deal with some anxiety from all these changes, but one day at a time.

I’m happy to dress up and have somewhere to go.

It feels so good to see all these beautiful, bright colors trending.

If you know me, you know I love bright, bold colors. They make me happy.

In my home decor, you will see these bright colors throughout my house.

They truly brighten up my days.

Now, let’s talk about this coat.

Yes, it does look like a robe; a long one. But I love it!

Perfectly oversized to layer underneath. It’s not a heavy, super warm coat. Which is fine by me, because I have been layering, to be comfortable with these flashes. #eyeroll

I purchased this coat in a size 10, but I could have gotten my regular size 8, as it is oversized. So take that into consideration if you decide to order it.

And the color is ab•so•lute•ly fabulous.

Hot Pink Longline Textured Coat

 If you’re looking for a fun coat, this is definitely it. I just checked, and it’s on sale.

Happy Shopping, bellas.



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