Choosing t-shirt material to make children’s clothes, of course, must be very careful and choose the best material so that the clothes are made to be used comfortably and safely too. Many types of t-shirts or clothing materials are said to be suitable for children, but are they really suitable and safe for children?

To make children’s clothes, you can’t use any kind of material, especially since children’s skin is usually still sensitive and very easily irritated if the clothing material is chosen from scratch. Therefore, we highly recommend one of the most suitable clothing materials for children, namely Cotton Bamboo.

The material is light, smooth and soft

The characteristics of the Cotton Bamboo material, which are smooth and soft, will certainly provide a sense of comfort for children, besides that when used, clothes from Bamboo cotton feel lighter so they are very suitable for children’s clothes or t-shirts.

Fabrics Contain Anti-Bacterial

Another advantage of using Cotton Bamboo material for children’s clothes is that the fabric contains anti-bacterial properties. Cotton Bamboo which is made from 70% Bamboo fiber and 30% Cotton fiber does have an anti-bacterial content derived from a natural substance called “Penny Quinone” and there is also an anti-fungal as well or a bio-agent called “Bamboo Kun”. So do not be surprised if this material is called very safe for children because of the substances contained in the fabric is very good. Because the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in Cotton Bamboo also make this cloth odor-resistant, clothes that smell bad come from sweat mixed with bacteria, by using Cotton Bamboo for children’s clothes, you can get all these advantages.

Very Good Absorption

Another reason for using Cotton Bamboo t-shirts is the excellent absorbency of the fabric, children who are very active and often play outdoors tend to sweat more and if they wear clothes that have poor absorption, they will not feel comfortable and will not cover up. skin irritation may occur. This Cotton Bamboo fabric absorbs very quickly and is also quick to release moisture so that the shirt you wear still feels cool or not hot.

Elastic Material and Not Easily Tangled

Children who are very active should be given comfort with clothes that are not stiff, smooth and also feel elastic, Cotton Bamboo fabric has advantages in the elasticity of the fabric so that it will make children comfortable, besides the fabric that is not easily wrinkled will keep clothes looking neat .

Durable and Durable

Surely you also feel annoyed when buying clothes that have only been used a few times already look shabby or even damaged, by using Cotton Bamboo material for children’s clothes, the durability of your clothes will be longer than children’s clothes with other materials.

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