Leather Luxury at Your Fingertips

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If luxury is what you are after you have hit the jackpot on this bag. Any type of I Medici Leather Duffel Italian Handbag is a one of a kind experience. Each bag is handmade of the finest quality materials. 

A high-quality leather bag is a personal and unique experience that is tailored to you and your needs. When you are shopping for a luxury bag it is important to keep some key thoughts in mind. You want the best your money can offer you. 

1. Quality of the bag: Very few genuine handmade leather bags go through a process called Vegetable Tanning. Vegetable tanning is the process where tree bark or other organic plant-based material is used to color the hide used to create the bag. This gives each bag its natural yet beautiful color. This process is Eco friendly and does not hurt the environment. Most bags go through chemical processing to tans the leather. Yes, this gives you the beautiful colors you see on the market, but the leather is now weakened. Your bag will wear over time and its life span is shorter than a bag that has been tanned through the Vegetable tanning process. 

2. Function: Are you a business professional who is looking for a bag that will stand the test of time. Are you looking for a bag that will always look as good as the day you bought it? A bag that will hold up to all your life will throw at it and more. Are you a busy mom looking for a bag that will allow you to get to what you need quickly and efficiently? How many zippers and pockets are in and around the bag? Is it going to be enough storage? 

3. Style: The style of a bag will play a very big role in the choosing of what fits your life. The duffel style bag gives you many options with the quality you would expect in any high-end bag. This bag is best for the traveler who lives on the go. This type of bag offers you class and sophistication. What will your new bag say about you?

4. Caring for your bag: Before purchasing any leather bag it is very important that you understand how to take care of your bag so that it will last you many years to come. Make sure you read all manufacturer’s instructions on the proper care of your bag. Your bag is a lifetime investment so proper care will ensure your bag will last.

With these things in mind buying your new luxury bag will be the experience you dreamed it would be and so much more. Your new bag will give you the style and function you have been looking for. Your bag will stand out from the rest.

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