What to Wear to The Christmas Party?

Wondering what to wear to the Christmas party this year? Forget the dress and freezing your legs off! Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters are all the rage! There are so many different choices from reindeers to snowmen, felt appliqués to bells and bows! The bigger the designs the better! Some Ugly Christmas Sweaters even have lights throughout the sweater to light up the party!

Show Your Christmas Spirit


Show your Christmas spirit by adding an Ugly Christmas Sweater to your wardrobe this holiday season. Have a Christmas party with an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest! Instead of bringing gifts, ask everyone to donate to your favorite charity or good cause.

Where Did These Sweaters Come From?

They all started back in the 1950’s and were originally called Jingle Bell Sweaters. They made a comeback in the 1980’s where television stars like Bill Cosby (from The Cosby Show) and Colin Firth (from The Diary of Bridget Jones) helped to popularize them even more. Jump to the 21st century, and here are a couple of guys in Vancouver, Canada, Jordan Birch and Chris Boyd. They decided to host the first “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” to raise money for their designated charity. Word spread quickly and soon people all over the world were joining in on the fun with parties popping up everywhere. Now a days you can buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater at many high-end stores or get creative and make one. Then there is always the old-fashioned way, browsing around at thrift shops.

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

These sweaters have become so popular they made a day for them! National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is on the 3rd Friday of December every year. This year it falls on December 21st, 2018. It is on this one day we get to forget about all the stresses of the holiday season and put on our Ugly Christmas Sweaters and have a laugh! We can wear them to a party, the office, the neighbors, or even the store! Spread some Christmas cheer by putting on your best Ugly Christmas Sweater and take part in this fun day.

Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater!

You can make a (DIY) do it yourself Ugly Christmas Sweater easily and have fun doing it! Get your creative juices flowing and gather some materials. Start with an old oversized sweater, it can be bought at a thrift shop or found in your closet. Think about your design and use everything from felt to Pom-poms to fancy threads and embroidery. Keeping the Christmas/winter themes, go with snow and snowmen or reindeer and Santa Claus and do not forget the reason for the season! You can sew on your appliqués or use a glue gun for a last minute get together. Try a “Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater” party with your girlfriends! Make one for the whole family and take a picture. Now you are having fun and creating memories that will last.


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