Safe Ways to Pack and Ship Your Gifts

Safe Ways to Pack and Ship Your Gifts

If you are planning to send a Christmas gift or a present to your loved ones, then you’ve got two key options: pack and wrap the gift when you reach your delivery point or wrap and ship the present to the receiver. If you choose to ship the gift, you will have to do this ahead of time to ensure that it is delivered earlier before the expected date. Additionally, you must ensure that the gift is wrapped in the right manner. There are tips that you ought to master to ensure that your gift arrives safely. Learn this here now!

Select the right box

It is okay to reuse the boxes you use for shipping gifts, but you must ensure that they are sturdy and have not been damaged by weather or mishandling. It is also important that the box is not too big for the type of gift you are planning to ship; try to consider an average size or a smaller one that actually fits the gift. A larger box can easily be damaged while a smaller one would squeeze your gift.

Cushion the gifts

If you have air pillows lying freely in your house, then it is the right time to use them in your gift shipment. You may alternatively consider the use of crumple newspapers as part of the gift cushioning. Regardless of the material you use, it is important to protect your gift using two inches or more layers on all the four sides as well as top and bottom. If the gift you want to send is fragile, you could provide a double layer cushioning to protect the gift. When you send a gift without protecting them, they can easily break particularly if they are fragile. Cushioning will, therefore, ensure you deliver them in the right condition.

Label the gift box clearly

You should include the name and address of the recipient of the gift and use a white label for more clarity. It is also important to create another label inside the gift box to ensure that the box reaches the right destination even if the outer label is lost. If you are reusing the box, ensure that the previous shipping labels are removed before you get to attach the new one. This is necessary to avoid confusion on the destination.

In case you are shipping a perishable product, label that the box is PERISHABLE. This will inform the carriers that it should be held with lots of care. Since you want the recipient to get is as soon as possible, the carriers will make effort to ensure that your gift is delivered immediately.

Use the packaging and shipping tape

Before sending the box, it is important to seal the box using a shipping and packing tape. Any kind of tape including a blue tape or a masking tape can be used. You can purchase the tapes from a warehouse club or a supply store. Buying tapes in bulk can save you a lot of time and money since you wouldn’t have to buy tapes every time you want to send a gift.

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