How to Buy Men’s Casual Jackets Online in the Perfect Fit

Have you ever bought men’s casual jackets online that don’t fit you right at all? Perhaps the zipper didn’t close or the sleeves were too tight. Whatever the case, you’re not alone. This actually happens pretty often among online orders. Moreover, it’s probably one of the worst feelings to find out that the new mens fashion jackets you ordered can’t be worn because you ordered the wrong size.

If you’re a guy that constantly faces this problem – regardless of weight or height, there are actually a few pointers you can follow. There are a few common mistakes that men might make when ordering mens designer jackets online. You might be assuming that since you’re a medium, all stylish mens jackets are going to fit you. This where your assumption is doing you more harm than good.

It’s so important to remember that sizes among mens coats and jackets will differ depending on brand. For instance, if you order from a multi-brand online store like Differio, the sizes will vary even though it’s the same website. Plus, some European or Asian designers of cool jackets for men will make their sizes even smaller than American brands. Who knew?

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of how sizes work among mens coats and jackets, here are some more pointers for online outerwear shopping. You should take these tips into consideration next time you’re scoping out the latest men’s casual jackets and coats.

Check the store’s online measurements

On top of sizes differing between brands, online stores will usually provide a universal size chart for men’s casual jackets. You should always check this size chart before placing your order, especially if you’re shopping from a new ecommerce site. Some trendy menswear stores will even provide a measurement tab on that product page. So, just because it says it’s a size small doesn’t always mean it’s a “standard” small.

Make sure to measure yourself properly

If you’re a stickler for checking measurement tabs and you’re still receiving ill-fitting mens fashion jackets, then you might be measuring yourself wrong. In order to find out if mens designer jackets will fit your body, there’s a proper method to getting the right measurements.

First, do not use a traditional ruler when you’re measuring your body. You’ll need to use a flexible tape measure like the one’s you’ve seen tailors use. They’re really not expensive and can be found at any craft store. If there’s a problem area that you’re always finding to be too tight or loose, measure yourself there again.

Don’t feel bad about ordering one size larger


Remember what we said about men’s casual jackets fitting different depending on the brand, designer and country? Men’s clothing sizes in general can also affect men’s choices mentally, not just mens fashion jackets.

 Some men might feel bad about ordering a larger size because they fear that they’re gaining weight. However, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Sometimes, it really has nothing to do with your own body. It’s simply that brand that makes men’s casual jackets in non-standard sizes.


You should also consider the fabric that these mens coats and jackets are made out of. Cool jackets for men don’t look so cool if they fit weird and material plays a huge part of that. While leather usually doesn’t have much give, any mens fashion jackets that include elastane or spandex will have much more stretch. Just do yourself a favor and check the fabric before purchasing more stylish mens jackets. You’ll see a difference!


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