Shop for Whitening Lotion, This is The Best Recommendation for You!

Use hand and body lotion containing a whitening agent that can brighten the skin and make it appear whiter. Also accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and avoid excessive sun exposure. Even though there is no permanent whitening body lotion, you can get brighter looking skin with regular use. The following is a recommendation for a good whitening lotion or handbody and of course safe for the skin.

1. Shinzui Skin Lightening

Shinzui presents a body lotion made from natural Japanese matsu oil herbs which can brighten and moisturize the skin. There are also vitamins C and E which can repair and protect the skin from UV exposure. It smells good and feels refreshing when used.

2. Mineral Botanica Lotion Berry Blossom

Mineral Botanica also has lotion products that can protect the skin from UV rays. This product is also formulated from brightening licorice extract and aloe vera to moisturize. The texture is light, non-sticky and quickly absorbed into the skin. The pH content in it is also balanced, so it is safe for the skin.

3. Bath and Body Works Wild Honeysuckle

This product originating from the United States has been marketed to various countries and is always selling well. Formulated from honey extract and flower petals which can nourish the skin while making it look whiter. Skin also feels firmer and healthier.

4. Natur E

Natur E combines pomegranate seed oil and vitamin E green granules to improve skin health. In addition to moisturizing, this ingredient is also effective in brightening the skin. It also contains UV A and UV B protection to protect the skin from exposure to UV rays.

5. Body Lotion Love Beauty & Planet

If you are looking for whitening lotion products that are vegan and cruelty free, Love Beauty & Planet can be the best choice. Made from moisturizing organic coconut water, golden argan oil that soothes the skin, and a refreshing mimosa flower fragrance. All bottles are also packaged from recycled materials which are more environmentally friendly.

6. Citra Night Whitening

Citra presents a hand body lotion specifically for use at night which is effective in brightening the skin to the fullest. Made from grape seed oil from India which can help regenerate the skin. There is also a yogurt content that contains lactic acid to prevent melanin formation and effectively lighten the skin while sleeping.

7. Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening

This Vaseline handbody contains active whitening system vitamin B3 which can brighten the skin optimally. The formula is also enriched with triple sunscreen to prevent dark skin, and the addition of yogurt serum to moisturize.

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