The Best Sports Equipment for Sports Activities at Home

A healthy and fit body is everyone’s dream. One way you can do is to exercise regularly. However, not everyone has the time or opportunity to work out at the gym or just exercise outdoors.

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Now you don’t need to worry, because you can do sports at home, which is certainly more practical and save time. And, you only need to prepare exercise equipment that is right and suitable for you to use at home.

Therefore, we present some of the best sports equipment for sports activities at home along with prices and reviews. But before that, we will share knowledge about the goals and benefits of exercise, types of light exercise, and how to care for your exercise equipment at home.

The importance of knowing the goals and benefits of exercise!

There are so many types of fitness exercises. Before determining the type of exercise, it helps you know the goals or benefits that we want to get in sports. In order to easily determine the type of sport that will be undertaken.

If your goal is to train muscle and physical strength, then the choice of exercise or fitness training that we can take is weight lifting such as dumbbells, burble, or boxing. Adjust also to health and body condition before doing this exercise.

However, if your goal is to make the body more flexible and healthy, you can choose the type of yoga, gymnastics, or hula hoop. This kind of exercise can also help to form an ideal body.

Meanwhile, to increase stamina and endurance, you can choose the type of running, bicycle, or walking. This exercise can increase stamina and breathing.

If your sporting goal is to create flexibility in the body, you can try swimming, tennis, cricket, and basketball. In addition, this exercise is useful for increasing height.

Get to know a mild type of exercise at home

After learning and knowing the goals and benefits of the sport you want, you can start doing it at home. The possible thing to do is to do light exercise. Here are some types of light exercise you can do at home:

Push ups

Push up is a sport that is often done by men. This sport has the function of increasing the biceps and triceps muscles. You can do it on your stomach, hands on the right and left side of the body. After that the body will be pushed upward with the strength of the hand.

Sit ups

This type of exercise uses abdominal muscle movements. In addition to maintaining body fitness, sit ups can also make the stomach into a six pack. The way to do this exercise is to put your hands behind your head and feet held so that they do not lift. Sit up movements rest on the hips and buttocks with knees directed upwards.


This sport is commonly called jump rope. Of course use the rope as a tool. This exercise movement can be done by regulating the movement of the feet in a jumping speed with the dexterity of the arm swinging the rope.


One simple exercise that is able to calm the soul. As a beginner, you can learn yoga movements from the easiest to the most difficult. Learning movement by watching videos can be done to get maximum results.


As the name suggests, this one sport must be done on the floor. Some floor gymnastic movements such as headstand, front roll, wax attitude, kayang, and many other movements. Movement of the floor exercises requires balance and concentration. You can use a mattress to support this sport.

Hula Hoop

Sports that are quite unique and exciting to do this you can try at home with family. Hula hoop exercise is effective in burning calories in the body, especially streamlining the stomach.


This exercise can burn calories, lose weight, and nourish the lungs and heart. This sport does not have to be done outside the home, you can do it on the spot. It’s better if you have a treadmill at home.

How to treat sports equipment at home

When you have bought sports equipment, then what you need to do is how to treat it, so that sports equipment is not easily damaged and can be used for a long time. Some of the following things you can do to take care of your exercise equipment at home:

Clean your sports equipment with a damp cloth and dry it with a dry cloth. For handles made of sponge can be cleaned with alcohol so that the smell, dirt and sweat can be lost. If the handle can be removed then it should be washed.

Give lubricants 4-6 months to the joints of the tool where friction occurs that causes wear. Lubricants also prevent rust on the tool. For treadmills, you can lubricate the bearings.

For electric devices, checking the cable is needed to determine which cable is loose or disconnected. Also do regular check ups for sports equipment with electric power.

For a mat like a mat that is used for yoga or gymnastics on the floor, you can treat it by washing 2-3 times a month. Can also wipe the mattress after each use. This is to avoid mold and bacteria.

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